Nature’s wisdom

made in france





Holistic beauty, Rituals of Antiquity

 Our ingredients are sourced authentically at locations where ancient traditions of Holistic Beauty practices are still alive today. Our formulas are with no parabens, no silicones, no GMO, and pregnancy-safe
Our packaging has been designed for a second life and to be reused
We encourage each woman to express her beauty in her unique way because
what she uses in personal care has a positive impact on her overall wellness.



Our products,
an authentic ancient know-how

Eastern holistic beauty knowledge for a modern world in need


The Pearls of Oman
  • The O&RA Résine Olibanum (Boswella Sacra) Frankincense range is associated with natural plants of the desert and mountains and is combined with ginseng for invigoration.

henna flower

The Flower of Tazarine
  • The O&RA Fleur de Henné Blanche range, is a subtle mixture of the White Henna Flower, combined with natural witch-hazel extracts for soothing and healing the skin.


The Gold of Yemen
  • O&RA au Miel range combines rare Yemeni Honey with natural flowers and almonds, for gentle regeneration of the skin and hair.Range of products for the Face, Body, and Hair care.

Myriam Redouane General Manager at

Yoga Certified & Holistic Beauty Coach.

Origins & Rituals of Antiquity is a lovingly created Indie brand that I enjoyed shaping throughout its developmental journey. This project is very dear to me and the entire team at O&RA. The range embodies the values of caring authenticity, nature’s wisdom, and French know-how in skin and hair care, in all aspects of its production.

We are a committed brand and further eco-responsible actions are in the pipeline. The packaging carries labelling in French, English & Braille languages, to support all our communities of followers. I pledge to continuously elevate the O&RA brand towards a clean and natural beauty future.

By the way, I have already included the face toner, the silky face cream and our fresh shower gels into my daily routine and I just love them!