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Today I am going to share some tips on how to start your day with energizing Face Yoga movements.

Face Yoga is a series of exercises to tone and relax the face muscles, while stimulating the lymphatic system. It efficiently prevents from wrinkles and creases.

After washing your face, apply O&RA Silky Face Cream and help the moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin while doing this movement, as per the picture: both index and middle fingers on each side of your chin and stretch the skin towards the jaws. Keep the lips together. Repeat 3 times in 2 series. Breath deeply.

Then You can repeat this movement on the forehead area as well.

Afterwards, apply O&RA Face & Neck toner for a smooth and toned skin.

Repeat this daily, and keep hydrating drinking filtered water regularly. You will see your lines smoothing and a beautiful shiny skin. 🙂

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Myriam R.  – Certified Yoga & Holistic Beauty Coach