The pearls of Oman

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We believe in nature’s treasures. The natural resin from the olibanum trees is found in Oman, the incense kingdom where a complex hand-harvest tradition has developed, revealing exceptional natural resin extracts with antibacterial, relaxing and highly nourishing properties for the skin. The heritage of this ancestral knowledge inspired us to create the O&RA Résine Olibanum range, combining frankincense and ginseng for invigoration and regeneration. Frankincense soothes and reduces inflammation and is famous for its wrinkle-reducing superpowers. Frankincense’s cytophylactic properties help stimulate cell regeneration and protect older cells from free radical damage. The O&RA Résine Olibanum range is elegantly scented and includes different formulas and textures especially designed for Face, Body and Hair.




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98% Natural Origin
Our ingredients are inspired from ancient traditions of mom & daughter beauty secrets transmission Our formulas are with no parabens, no silicones, no GMO, and pregnancy-safe We encourage each woman to express her beauty in a unique way, and more importantly, to believe in herself.