Gentle Face and Neck Wash


150 ml

First Thing in the Morning – The natural cleansing and refreshing daily skincare.
92% Natural Origin.

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This wash is made with White Henna Flower. It has calming properties from the Hamamelis and the Cucumber.

Ingredients list

WITH EXTRACTS OF : Lawsonia inermis leaf (Henna), Hamamelis virginiana leaf, Vinca minor leaf (Myrtle), Cucumis sativus fruit.

Directions for use

Morning and evening: pour into the palms of the hands and apply on wet skin using circular movements, avoiding the eyes. Then rinse.

Origin & natural benefits

Harvested from natural sun-dried plantations in Tazarine (Morocco).
Natural benefits of the henna plant: Cooling, Soothing, Hydrating, Cleansing, Toning.