Once upon a time, O&RA ...

Origins & Rituals of Antiquity

O&RA narrates the knowledge of ancient eastern traditions and combines it with modern science to create safe and effective products that help each woman feel good and confident. 
Our mission : to bring the outmost sensorial and memorable experience to our customers with authentic skincare know-how inspired by the holistic beauty heritage of the East.  Products are eco-responsible, made in France, with modern packaging. 

Rituals of antiquity

Some of the most important ancestral beauty secrets are passed from mother to daughter. The O&RA ranges bring the East and the West together in an international journey and French modern twist, so that each woman can express her own personality in an elegant skincare product designed for her sense of wellbeing. Our formulas are generous, efficient and natural, for all skin types, ethnicities and generations. For Face, Body and Hair.

Our packaging

We chose an eco-responsible minimalist packing, recycled or with recyclable materials.

O&RA is an international brand with 3 languages on its packaging FRENCH, ENGLISH, BRAILLE.

Nature's Wisdom



Made in france